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Hi, sometime back semen or body fluid (not sure about the STD status of those) from someone spilled all over my underwear, pants and shirts and I didn't wash for long time and kept in my laundry bag with other clothes. If those semen or body fluid is infected with any STDs like HIV or hep or any other, can I use the same underwear, pants, shirts and also can I use other clothes which was mixed with these clothes in the laundry bag. And can I use the same laundry bag for regular use to put dirty clothes? Do I get infected by this with any STDs by this spill or touching those clothes or bag? And any STD testing required?

Hi there,

I don't think you could have gotten HIV or STI's from this situation. STIs are spread directly from person to person during oral, vaginal or anal sex. I do not know of any case of someone getting HIV or STIs from semen on their clothing or laundry bag. You can just wash these clothes and then wear them as you did before.

Let us know if this answers your question,

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on June 13, 2014

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