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Hi, Thank you for the quick reply! Question was: --------------------------- Hi, I'm a male and had an unprotected vaginal sex. I tested at 21 days(3 weeks), 42 days(6 weeks), and 60 days (8 weeks) all negative 4th generation HIV test. I've been having rash that come and goes in the morrnings or random times of the day (chest) and on my 9th week I have gotten swollen lymph nodes. All the nurses and drs tell me at 8th week its conclusive but I keep stressing with my symptoms -------------------------- ANWSER: Hi, thanks for writing in with your concerns. With the fourth generation HIV test, you can be reassured that you do not have HIV and there is no need to do any further HIV tests. You did not say if you also did any STI testing around chlamydia ( most common STI) gonorrhea or syphilis and if you have not already done these tests, then please do them to cover the possibility of exposure from over 8 weeks ago. if you have persistent swollen lymph glands and a rash, please consider seeing another doctor for assessment where testing and treatment for conditions other that STI's might be recommended. ---------------------------------- To reply to your questions; 1. I did test for all the other STDs and its negative. 2. My worry was - what if I'm seroconverting at 9 weeks - because my neck lymph nodes are super swollen and hurts - would the test still have picked up something at 3,6, and 8 weeks?

Hi, and thanks for writing in again.

If you have a negative 4th Generation HIV antibody test done 12 weeks after a sexual risk or exposure, then you can be reassured that you do not have HIV from this encounter. 

Sore, swollen lymph nodes are what we call a "non-specific" symptom which means it could be attributed to any number of things, most likely a common cold or some other viral throat infection. Swollen lymph nodes are not specifically a symptom of HIV or of seroconversion. 

It does sound like you are maybe feeling quite anxious about an HIV infection, and so you may want to consider speaking with a counsellor or another health care provider such as a doctor or nurse if you are having difficulty trusting the negative result from your multiple HIV tests.

Let us know if this does not answer your question or if you have any more questions
or concerns.
Health Nurse

This answer was posted on September 26, 2019

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