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Hi There I have unprotected oral sex with a sex worker with an unknown STI status on Sep 3rd during my visit to Thailand. She gave me a blow job twice for a total of 10 minutes. Than we have a protected vaginal sex with a good quality latex condom and both times it stays good for the whole time. I started getting nervous about the STI's and went to a local physician in Canada on Sep 16th. He ran a full STI tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HSV, HIV, Hep as of Sep 17th which all came negative. On top of it he gave me 1000 mg of Azythromycin and 400 mg of Cefixime on the same day. I am still very scared about contracting the HIV as it explained on the internet that there is a window period for antibodies to show up in test and a test is 90 % confirmed in 2, 98% confirmed in 6 and 100% confirmed in 12 weeks. Do I need to go for a test again? Very nervous and scared. Please advise

Hi, thanks for writing in with your concerns. Oral sex is not considered a high risk activity for HIV transmission.  The person whose throat is exposed is more at risk that the person whose penis is exposed.  The transmission risk would also be higher if you already had another sti. It is quite common for gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis to be transmitted  this way and your doctor has already treated you as a prevention for chlamydia and gonorrhea. ( along with the 100mg of Azithromycin, the correct cefixime dose should be 2 pills that are 400mg each so 800mg altogether).  The incubation period for syphilis is between 10 and 90 days so doing another blood test for syphilis and HIV at three months post contact would cover the window periods for both. Health Nurse

This answer was posted on October 13, 2016

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