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Hi there, I started to genital warts maybe 3 months ago. At first it didn't occur to me that it is genital warts as it was a little bump and it didn't hurt. Then there were couple more that started to show up. I got worried and started doing some online research and went into a walk-in clinic and doctor told me it is genital warts. The warts were close to the anal area and started to irritate me. I booked an appointment with the clinic on 655 West 12th Avenue but they couldn't fit me in until Feb 18th but I was very worry and couldn't wait that long. So I did some online research and found a Chinese Herb Clinic that deal with this. The treatments I have been receiving is a burning kind of procedure. The doctor would burn off my genital warts and give me medication to eat and put on the area. The burning process is very very painful and I don't know if I can continue with it. The doctor told me the freezing treatment has much higher chance of the warts breaking out again vs the burning. All the medication has costed me approx $1,100 over the last 1 week. The doctor told me BC MSP doesn't cover these. Is that right? Please help and guide me of what I should do....thank you.


I am not familiar with the treatment that your doctor has been using, but I think it is correct that alternative treatment are not covered by MSP.

Given how painful the treatment is, and your concerns that you might not want to continue with treatment, you could go to another doctor or clinic for a second opinion. If you have MSP, you can go to any doctor or clinic for an exam and treatment.

You can also go to Bute Clinic at 1170 Bute Street in the West End. It is a free STI clinic, open 11 - 6:30 pm Monday to Friday, and is always drop in. The nurses there can examine you and suggest a course of treatment. Genital wart treatment is free and is covered by MSP.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on February 11, 2014

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bboy says:

Hi there, thank you for your feedback. I will go drop in in the Bute Clinic and get a second opinion. Does the clinic provide pap test and is it also covered by MSP? Among the genital warts treatments that are covered by MSP, which one can get ride of the warts in the least amount of time? Thank you.

Health Nurse says:

We are able to do a PAP test at the Bute street clinic if it is part of an STI exam. If you have MSP it is free to get a PAP test. We prefer to use the liquid nitrogen treatment for genital warts and there is no charge for this treatment at the Bute street clinic or the clinic at 655 west 12th ave. The liquid nitrogen is only available at the Bute street clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays. Liquid nitrogen is available at the 655 west 12th ave clinic everyday it is open.

dobie says:

Damn OP $1100.... it looks like you got scammed.

For anyone reading this do NOT do what the OP did. If necessary you can travel to Surrey or Langley there are lots of walk in clinics available who will do it for free. I just got a wart removed, no appointment just walked in took about 30 minutes. Pay for a taxi ride if necessary it will be way cheaper than $1100+

I tried TCA and cryotherapy both had good results. If you do not have MSP you can even buy 80% TCA off ebay for $40 and do it yourself. Just make sure to read up on the proper application procedure.

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