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Hi On your website there is a window period tool which says post 50 days chances of false Negative of a HIV antigen and antibody tests are 0%. Interestingly scanning answers given by health nurses a few say 50 days conclusive and a few 12 weeks/3 months. Why is it when you answer for an HIV window period that is conclusive you say 3 months/12 weeks and the tool on your website says something else. Although I understand that the immune system is not a clock but there is a huge difference between 50 days and 90 days. Further, why are there some answers saying 50 days and some say 90 days for a conclusive HIV test? It shakes my confidence to see such different opinions on the same website. Please would you be kind enough and help me with the real Window period of an HIV test. Also, could you please tell me why these differences in the tool and some opinions on your website ?

Hi, thank you for writing in with your concerns about the information that is posted on this website. I have passed your email onto the appropriate person. The window periods section, the window period tool and the way information is shared on the website are all currently under review. In the meantime, may I suggest that you consider meeting a health care provider in person to discuss your concerns about your own situation. If you are in Vancouver, you can make an appointment at the main STI clinic at the BC Centre for Disease Control at 604-707-5600. STI nurse


This answer was posted on May 9, 2018

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