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Hi,thank you for your time and patience in reviewing my case. On 15th this month, I went to a massage parlor which offered me a whole body massage and finished up with her fingers stroking over my anus n scrotum area (no penetration) and a handjob at the end. Throughout the whole process she was clothed except the time she took off her bra and let me fondle her boobs for a breif moment about a min. There was absolutely no contact of her genetial with mine or my hands at all and i dont recall she touched herself then touch me but she did went out a couple of time to arrange other clients. My question is, if handjob,even miniscule , poses any risk of hiv in the situation above. I didnt notice any obvious cut or bleeding on her hands but would the odds be any different if there are some let say fresh papercut over her hand while giving me the handjob? And if it's unfortunate enough that she was giving another person a handjob at the time she was out, would there be a possibility that there's some body fluid of other that might come in contact to my penis and put me at risk? Would there be risk of other stds for the situation above as well? I just recently heard a Brazilian woman got i gected by sharing manicure which made me start to wonder if hiv is much easier to be transmitted than we thought...Thanks very much and bless you.


I have not heard of HIV passing when receiving a hand job. When having sex, unprotected vaginal and anal sex is the most common way to pass HIV.

Have a look at our “Know your chances” web page, it provides information on your chances of getting or passing an STI depending on how you are having sex.

HIV is a fragile virus and does not survive for long when it is outside of the body. It is in the blood so it is possible that it can be passed if you share something blood to blood like needles. Always best to use your own personal items if they could have blood on them.

Remember that HIV is not passed by casual contact like holding hands, sharing a water glass etc…

Getting a hand job would be one of the safer ways to have sex. STI like herpes and syphilis can be passed by skin to skin contact if you come in contact with an area that has the virus or bacteria on it e.g. a herpes or syphilis sore. Given this it could be possible to pass something like syphilis or herpes when giving a hand job but it would not be a common way for this to happen.

Washing hands between sexual partners would be a good idea and your chances could be further reduced if a medical glove was used. Really depends on what type of sex you are comfortable with. Everyone is different, but it can be difficult to enjoy sex if you get worried about what happened.

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This answer was posted on November 25, 2014

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