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How are you notified if a sexual partner develops a STI after your relationship has ended. I received an automated call advising me that I should get tested for STI's - which were then listed ... is this how BC Centre for Disease Control typically notifies a person. I was with this person over 2 years ago and was tested for STI's shortly afterwards.


At the BCCDC, we do not use an automated phone system to reach people.

We make three attempts to reach people, usually with two phone calls which are followed by a letter if we have an address, or an email if we have that information. When we call, we do not give any information about specific STIs, nor do we tell you who gave us your name as a contact. 

We identify ourselves as a nurse calling about a health matter. The letter we send is similar. It says "please call me as soon as possible about an important health matter".

Usually, we ask for contact information going back 12 months for HIV,  90 days for syphilis and 60 days for gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

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This answer was posted on November 8, 2013

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