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How do you get tested for all sti viruses as a male? Is there any tests that require swabs for males or is it all done by pee and blood?


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There are many ways to get tested for STIs. You can test for STIs with your regular doctor, at a walk-in clinic, or at an STI clinic. To find an STI clinic near you check out our Clinic Finder.

STIs are caused by both bacteria and viruses, and it’s important to get tested for everything.

Routine testing for men includes:

• HIV – blood test
• Syphilis – blood test
• Gonorrhea – Urine test
• Chlamydia – Urine test

For men who have sex with men we also recommend:

• Gonorrhea – Throat Swab
• Chlamydia – Throat swab
• Gonorrhea – Rectal swab
• Chlamydia – Rectal swab

Hope this helps. Please feel free to comment below or submit another question as needed.

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This answer was posted on October 25, 2017

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