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How effective are polyisoprene condoms compared to regular latex condoms?


We have spent some time trying to find studies that actually compare polyisoprene condoms with other condoms. So far we haven't found any scientific studies. We are going to continue looking into this and hope to add some information to our site.

In Canada, condoms are considered medical devices and therefore must meet standards set by Health Canada. Because polyisoprene condoms are sold in pharmacies here, it means they have been evaluated and approved for sale by Health Canda. This suggests there is enough evidence showing that they are an effective barrier for contraception and STI prevention.

We found some comments saying they are more stretchy then polyurethane condoms, but also that they are thicker. If you have a latex allergy they are definitely an option.

As with all condoms, personal preference factors into which condom works best for you.

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This answer was posted on September 20, 2012

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praveshkumar796 says:

It's all about person to person choices and which condoms suite them latex or non latex. There is no issue of latex and non latex for average users, they just know that condoms prevents from STIs, STDs, HIV and Unwanted pregnancy.

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