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How long after sex does std show signs in men


It really depends on the sexually transmitted infection (STI).

The incubation period for an STI, is the time it takes from when you first get an STI and when signs and symptoms would appear.

Every STI has a different incubation period. Have a look at our “STI at a Glance” chart. It provides information on what symptoms to look for, incubation and window periods.

When someone gets an STI most people do not develop signs or symptoms, this is why we recommend that even if people feel well they go for regular STI testing.  

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Health Nurse

This answer was posted on January 15, 2014

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JohnAly says:

hey there, i wanna ask you a question, i m a student at Essex, i had only one sex for about 10 minutes which happened recently, I used condom, I worried abit, may I have any sexually transmitted disease anyway, let me note it was only sex in my life

Health Nurse says:

Condoms offer good protection against sexually transmitted infections (STI). Have a look at our “Know your chances” web page, it provides information on your chances of getting or passing an STI depending on how you are having sex. As most STI do not show symptoms the only way to know if something passed to you is by going for a STI test.

tatskie says:

hello i would like to ask..iihave sex with a prostitute and with out any safety.or im using a would i know if i already have an STD
and what are the symptoms..i hope somebody can help me..because i dont want my wife to be affected please..thank you

Health Nurse says:

Hi, STI can cause symptoms like sores in the genital area, hurts when you urinate, discharge from the penis etc… But it is common for most STI not to show symptoms, the only way to find out is to go for an STI test. If you are concerned an STI could have been passed to you I would recommend getting an STI test from your health care provider.

Mags says:

Hey, um... I am a female and I have had unprotected sex with 3 people the first time I was raped and the boy who did it already had sex with 2 other females before. The other 2 times was with my boyfriends which I'm no longer in a relationship with neither of them. After me and my last boyfriend did it I was itching in my private very much and still do sometimes today and when I scratch it burns after a I'm very scared that I have an STI or STD which ever one u wanna call it but I'm too scared to get checked out because I'm too afraid to tell my is it possible that I have one and do I HAVE u get checked out?

Health Nurse says:

Hi, it’s difficult to say what could be causing your symptoms, STI can cause symptoms like you have described in the genitals but it is also common for non-STI conditions, for example yeast infections to cause similar symptoms. I would recommend that you go see a health professional for a check-up. In Canada there is no need to tell your parents, you would be able to go to a clinic and see a healthcare professional without telling them. If you need help finding a clinic in your area let us know.

tags says:

I am a married man who works abt 987km away from my wife and two kids....i have been having unprotected sex with a lady for more than a year.... it was recently rumoured that she is HIV positive apparently due to her promiscuity.....however we were still having sex when my wife was pregnant and i know my wife had series of tests during her pregnancy and was HIV negative.....eventhough the lady and i last had sex abt 7 months ago and i have not experienced any HIV symptoms i have read in books, do i still have any cause for alarm?

Health Nurse says:

Hi, I would recommend going for a STI/HIV test, as it has been 7 months since you had sex with her it would be enough time for your STI/HIV tests to be accurate. Even if someone had an STI it is never 100% that it would pass the first time someone had sex, it can sometimes take a bit of time for something to pass. Given this as well as most HIV/STI not showing symptoms we usually suggest that people get their own test done to see what their status is, rather than going off their partners STI results.

worriedguy says:

On the 23 Dec 2015, I went to got myself a escort services. 
I got involved in Protected sex and oral.Condoms brand not sure, supply by the China escort Lady.When she was on top of me with protection, she rub against me for a few seconds. After the event, few hours. 2 to 3 hrs later, my right balls starts to itch.Till now I seen a doctor on 12 Jan 2016 and was given Combiderm cream.I use for almost a week and apply on the groin area at less once a day.itch lesses.I am worried if I got any STDS.Morning when I wake up and went to pee, I roll up my foreskin, I felt a sudden sharp pain on my foreskin, I at first thought that I might pay too much attention to my penis that causes the pain. When night time while showering, I pull back my foreskin again, the sharp pain still there,when I take a closer look to the area and use a cotton bud to find the area and found 2 little tiny bum.

worriedguy says:

Anyone around to help me... thanks