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i broke out in red bumps, sores down there like last year. I went to go get it check out and the nurse said it might've been herpes. i got soo scared and depressed. Before i left she said "it might or it might be not.. " Then the results came back, they only told me i had chlamydia and gohnorrhea, but said nothing about the herpes? Can those stis cause sores having it at the same time? Its been 2 years since those sores broke out, ive never had the same thing since.

Thanks for your question.
Were you tested for herpes at the time you tested positive for chlamydia and gonorrhea? Because they should have done a swab on your genital sores, and if they had a positive result from the swab they would have told you. It's very likely that it wasn't herpes.
As far as your past symptoms of the sores... we don't usually think of sores associated with chlamydia and gonorrhea, however those infections can cause increased discharge, and that discharge can irritate the genital tissues and cause skin breakdown. Skin breakdown can feel like small cuts or tears in the skin, which can be painful and sting. Any painful sore will be suspected to be herpes, which is likely why the nurse said that.
The fact that you haven't had any repeat sores show up, makes it even less likely that it was herpes.
Since you weren't given an official herpes diagnosis based on your testing, I would assume it was not herpes.
Herpes can be scary to think about, but I hope you can feel better about this now.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions, or need more information.
Health Nurse

This answer was posted on November 28, 2018

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