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I had a condom break with a street worker. There was rug burn like pain so we stopped and she finished me with a blow job. Then we realized the condom broke because my ejaculate leaked out near the tip. I also had a few scrapes on penis tip. After the condom broke I asked for her phone number and contacted her a few days later and asked about STDs. She said she is STD free. I offered her money to get a rapid HIV test. She went and got a rapid HIV test 2 weeks after the exposure and it came back negative. I am worried that she can still be inside the window period and could have passed it to me but still test negative because she hasn't developed antibodies. I want to order the home HIV test kit made by geodesic meditech they said its a point of care HIV test. Is that the same company that makes the ones in your clinic? This Friday will be 3 weeks since the sexual encounter and I'm thinking of ordering a few tests to test every two weeks.starting next Friday the 4 week.mark. thanks for your help


It is a good idea to get tested after a condom breaks and there is unprotected sex.

It does take time for antibodies to show up in the blood and be found with HIV testing. This is called the window period.  With the HIV rapid test, the virus is usually found in the blood within 3-6 weeks, but it can take up to 3 months.

Your sexual partner had a rapid test at 2 weeks after your contact. If she had very recently got HIV the test may not be accurate.

I don't know how reliable the orasure or geodesic meditech tests are, or if they were studied by Health Canada. In Canada, the INSTI Rapid HIV test is the only test licensed for use in healthcare settings and is the only one used in Vancouver clinics. You cannot buy this test online, so you need to go to a clinic to get the INSTI test done.

If you would like to go to a clinic for testing, you can locate one using our clinic finder.

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This answer was posted on March 4, 2013

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