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I had a non occupational exposure risk to hiv The partner hiv status is unknown I started pep 12 hours after exposure viread300 plus zeffex 300 for 28 days Hiv ag only is done at 28 days and was negative Hiv ab third generation is done 6 weeks 12 weeks 14 weeks and 16 weeks post exposure and all came back negative Can these results make me reasonably negative for hiv

Hi, thanks for your question about testing after taking PEP. If you had the 4th generation HIV test done ( now the HIV antibody test that is done in BC) at 3 months and it is negative, you can consider this accurate. I consulted about your testing if you had the 3rd generation HIV test done at 16 weeks and it is negative, and was told you can consider this very reassuring and if you are still concerned to do a final test at 6 months post exposure using the 3rd generation if that is what is available to you. 

Let us know if this does not answer your question or if you have any more questions or concerns.
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This answer was posted on April 24, 2019

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