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I had sex last night...a friend told me the person I was with had herpes. Should I get tested for herpes and what else?


It is always a good idea to get checked if you are worried about a sexual contact. 

Routine STI tests in men and women usually include urine or swabs for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  In women, it can also include swabs for trichomonas, yeast and bacterial vaginosis. 

We check your blood for syphilis, HIV and sometimes Hepatitis A, B and C.

As for herpes, we usually only test when there are some symptoms of herpes, such as a sore on your skin. If you did get herpes, it takes around 2 – 20 days (average 6 days) for symptoms to show up.

It also takes time between when you had sex and when an infection will show up on the test. This is called a "window period".  Have a look at our chart, "STI's at a Glance" for info on when to get tested.. 

If you notice any changes in your body, go for testing right away.

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This answer was posted on October 4, 2012

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