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I had a vaginal tear from intercourse about 2 months ago. It's never fully healed. I would wait 2-3 weeks and have sex and it would re-open. At some point a second sore that my general doctor said looked like chaffing appeared. This sore went away after a week or two. I just went to see a dermatologist and he thought it may be herpes. So I got a blood test done and it came back positive for HSV-1. The problem is I've had cold sores years ago. I don't know if I have genital HSV-1 from this tear on my vagina and the doctor says it's too late to test. He had me take Valtrex but I how do I know if I have HSV-1 genital or if it's just a vaginal tear and I have HSV-1 Oral? I just don't want to tell my future partners I have it on my genitals if I don't.


It’s difficult to say if you do have genital herpes simplex virus (HSV)-1.

The blood test will show a positive result if HSV-1 is anywhere on your body, so if you have cold sores this would make the HSV-1 test show a positive result.

The best test you can do is to get a HSV swab from the sore as this will tell you if it is herpes and what type it is.

The other thing we find with HSV is once you have had one type of HSV and you have had time for antibodies to build in your body (3-4months). That it is unlikely to get the same type of HSV on a different part of your body. For example you had cold sores years ago which is typically HSV-1, this means it is unlikely you would have a new HSV-1 infection on the genitals as you would have developed antibodies years ago.

If you develop symptoms again I would just recommend going back to your doctor for an exam and ask them if they will do a HSV swab test if there is a sore. You could also repeat the blood test in 4 months. If this is a new HSV type 2 infection it would show up on a blood test by then.

Have a look at our HSV page for more information on HSV.

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This answer was posted on February 19, 2015

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