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I have been diagnosed with epididimytis and given ciproflaxacin. It doesnt seem to have cleared. I do not have chlamydia or ghonorea as i tested negative. Is there any tests to determine what is causing this and what antibiotic would be appropriate to use? Thank you.

Hi, and thank you for your question

I’m not sure where you got tested and treated, however in British Columbia the recommended treatment for epididymitis is cefixime and doxycycline. Treatment with ciprofloxacin is supported by the Canadian guidelines.

If your symptoms are persisting, I would revisit your care provider. Further assessment may be required, including a referral to a specialist to rule out other causes of your symptoms, especially given that your chlamydia and gonorrhea tests were negative. 

Let us know if this does not answer your question or if you have any more questions or concerns.
Health Nurse

This answer was posted on February 4, 2020

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