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I have been with my partner for 6 months. A month ago we both got herpes lesions (confirmed by the doctor) and tested positive for chlamydia. I haven't been with anyone else. He says he hasn't either. Could we both have had this for six months and not known?


Yes, it is possible that one or both of you could have had chlamydia and herpes simplex (HSV) for over 6 months.

Chlamydia is a common STI and many people do not notice symptoms. The only way they know they have Chlamydia is when they get tested, as you did.

Herpes is also very common. Estimates say that about 80% of people will have HSV type 1 in their lifetime; about 20% of people will have herpes in the genital area.  It is quite common for people to have herpes and not know it  because they do not notice symptoms.

Outbreaks come and go, and it is very possible that one, or both, of you had the virus and never noticed an outbreak before.

Sometimes the virus is on the skin when there is no sore present. This is called  viral shedding and it is possible to pass herpes at this time.

For more information, have a look at our pages on chlamydia and herpes.

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This answer was posted on October 9, 2012

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