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I have been treated for chlamydia and am wondering if i have unprotected sex 3 weeks after treatment will I pass anything on to my partner? I know that you can get a false positive test if you get re-tested within 3 weeks but will my partner also get a false positive? I have taken all medication as required. When should I be re-tested to ensure negative?


You would be fine. We recommend that people don’t have sex during the 7 day course of treatment or for 7 days after they have taken the single dose therapy. Not sure if you had the treatment that was the single dose or the one you took over 7 days, but it’s the same of not having sex for 7 days from when you first started taking the medication. After 7 days you are good to go.

The only thing to keep in mind is we recommend past sexual partners over the last 2 months get tested and treated for chlamydia as well. You would need to wait for 7 days after your partner has taken their medication before having unprotected sex with them.

You could go for a retest 4 weeks after you were treated if it is concerning you. We find for most people it’s not necessary to go for a retest as the medication works really well, we just recommend getting another chlamydia test 6 months later as a general screening test. If you have symptoms that make you concerned the chlamydia did not go away or have sex with an untreated partner come back to the clinic straight away.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on July 14, 2016

Community comments

Rodeth says:

I miss interpreted the time of taking my Medicine ( Vaginal Capsule)for chlamydia I could insert 1*2 in a day yet it was supposed to be 1*1 at bed time for 12 days and me did it in 6 days,
I have just realized after 7 days passed, do i have to repeat the treatment?, besides I don't see any change with my problem. I can still see the symptoms.

Thank you

Health Nurse says:

Hi, the treatment for chlamydia is pills that you take by mouth. It is not treated by vaginal capsules. It would be best to check with your doctor about what the test results were and about the medicine you were given and how to use it.

Brianakate says:

I just have a question what if I already did the treatment and the 7 days already passed and I did have a unprotected sex with my partner and he doesn’t have a chlamydia what will happen?

Health Nurse says:

Hi Brianakate,

Thanks for your comment!

If you took the treatment and waited 7 days before having sex, then the chlamydia is gone and you won't pass it to your partner.

You said your partner tested negative for chlamydia, but did they take the treatment too? We recommend all partners from the last 2 months get treated for chlamydia even if they test negative. The reason for this is that chlamydia has a long "window period"... the window period is the time it takes for chalmydia to show up in the tests. Chlamydia can take 2-6 weeks to show up in a test. If your partner tested negative before 6 weeks passed since your last sexual encounter, then the test could be a false negative.

We would recommend you get re-tested for chlamydia 1 month after your treatment.

Any questions about that?

Health Nurse


Ceelinz says:

Me and my partner both had chlymidia and we took our medicine the same day. Unfortunately we only waited 6 days after we took the medicine to have sex. Not 7. Should we be worried?

Health Nurse says:

You should be fine with having sex on the 6th day. To be sure, you can both retest at one month after the treatment to be sure the chlamydia has gone. 

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