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I have done a sexcual activity with a commercial sex worker I have use a latex condom but before wear condom I use a madicated pest on rubbing my panis for extra time after this I wear condom and she doing some rubbing gently my panis by her hand after that I touch my panis (with condom) her vagina without penetration (only touch with condom) I have discharge can I get HIV if she HIV positive I feel joints pain after two days night sweat and after some days i feel mosquito bumps on my stomach I hv confused because I take herbal medicine for detoxification after two weaks I appear fever 99.9 degree F fever goes on after one day I have much anxious therefore I take a another Bio medicine based on cow colostrum for increase immunity this is only cow colostrum and after that I take HIV duo ultra test both p24 and antibody after six weak which is negative result but I am still confuse can give me falls negative result because I use cow colostrum this is immune buster medicine company claimed it increased CD4 count and reduced viral lode naturally I read on internet if anyone take medicine P.E.P result HIV can effect please help me ..

Because you were using a condom with this partner and from what you have written, the condom did not break; it is very unlikely that you would have been infected with HIV even if this person were positive. Condoms, when used properly, are a very effective way of reducing the passing of HIV.

From what I understand you have been taking cow colostrum but not P.E.P. so this should have no effect on your HIV test results. In British Columbia it would be recommended that you have a follow up test at 3 months after a risk but a negative test at 6 weeks is a pretty good indication that you do not have HIV.

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This answer was posted on February 16, 2015

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