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I have had sex with two girls, two years ago without a condom and was screened for all STDs (HPV, HSV, HIV, Gonorrhea) after 3 - 6 months and it was all negative. Since then I've been going to sensual massage parlours; the girls genital areas stay clothed, but my genital area is not. I've developed a small singular bump on the inside of my foreskin. The doctor saw it and immediately said it was a flat wart. I know I had the HPV blood test two years ago because when I saw the result, it tested over 100 different strains (did it at a different country). Is it possible to passes HPV if there were dirty hands or dirty towels? I did not have any oral sex or genital sex. I'm quite baffled right now on how this could have happened.


There is no way for us to assess the accuracy of the HPV test you had, because we don't use these tests in BC.

It is It is possible that you have had that virus in your body for some time, and it just showed up now.  We know that 90% of people will "clear" the virus within 2 years of getting it. When we say the virus is cleared we  a\re not sure if the virus is completely gone from your body, or if the wart virus can stays dormant in the cells.  If it is dormant, the warts may never show up again, or they could reappear. This is one possibility as to why you have a wart now.

Also, there is some evidence that it is possible to pass HPV through hand contact. It is not clear if HPV can be passed on a wet towel.  Overall, warts are not commonly passed in either of those ways.

You can click here for more info on genital warts.

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This answer was posted on May 23, 2013

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