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I have a question regarding a sex issue. I am a 39 year old female and ovulating. I was about to climax during intercouse of the vagina with my boyfriend and white mucous came out of my anus. I had been more randy than usual and fit him a bit looser, he thinkis that I cheated but there's no possible way I would ever cheat, we just got engaged. My body is doing different things than normal females. What could this be?


It is difficult to say what is going on without getting some more information about your personal situation. What I can do is give you some general information on what could be going on and what to do next.

It is possible that from being aroused that you actually produced more white mucous from the vagina and it just ran down to the anus, so the fluid came from the vagina instead of the anus. Could this have happened?

I have also spoken with clients who have had sex and thought that they were having vaginal sex, but when they finished realised they were having anal sex. Could this have happened? In this case the white mucous could be semen (cum) from your partner.

The other thing it could be is rectal fluid, which is mucous that lines the rectum, it helps protect the rectum and acts like a lubricant to help when we have bowel movements. This amount of mucus can increase if the area is stimulated e.g. when having anal sex. If you were having vaginal sex this can also happen, as the vaginal wall is close to the rectum and I could see how vaginal sex could stimulate the rectum and produce more rectal mucous than normal which then came out your anus.

We are always concerned that discharge from the anus could be a sign of a STI or other medical concern, but as you have seen there are other things that can cause this as well. I would recommend going to see a health professional for a checkup, you would be able to discuss your personal situation with them just to make sure your experience is not related to anything to be concerned about.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on December 22, 2016

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