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I just lost my virginity and I am sore, which I heard is normal. A friend of mine recommended to put a bit of coconut oil or Vaseline up there to help it heal faster. I'm just wondering if that would be safe to do because I do not want to accidentally give myself some bacterial infection.


It can be normal too be a bit sore after having sex for the first time. You have to be careful when putting any oil based product in the vagina like coconut oil, Vaseline etc… as this could cause problems to your normal vaginal bacterial balance and result in uncomfortable symptoms.

The genitals are a sensitive part of the body and it doesn’t take much wear/damage to feel a bit sore. The body is really good at healing itself and most of the time it just needs a bit of time to heal itself. I would recommend not putting anything in the vagina and taking it easy until your body heals. If for some reason it does not get better or starts to get worse I would suggest seeing a health professional to see what is going on. 

As your body gets use to having sex you should feel less sore in time. It can really help to use extra water based lubricant during sex, condoms can help with reducing the friction from sex. Also go slow with penetration/rhythm and gradual penetration, avoid rushing. You can also experiment with different positions that feel more comfortable e.g. you on top to control depth of penetration.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on February 14, 2017

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