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I’m male 31yrs I have only one time unprotected oral sex with unknown girl on 23rd jun2014 she kiss may penis average 10 minutes so, I blow her mouth. I did not know she have mouth ulcers or not . After I wash my penis with water. After oral sex 21days passed 4weeks ago in 21st July to 6th Aug I have skin Rush itch like mosquitoes bite in my arms, hands, stomach,elbows. neck and legs. Can you help me I’m so worries . I have headache also. But I was not use any medicine. I think I have HIV symptoms. Now today rush in my legs and my back still became a few times today 13Aug2014 I have heat under my legs. Rush itch will came an hour and gone but will comes again

Hi there,

You probably don't need to worry about getting HIV in this situation. HIV is passed through unprotected anal or vaginal sex, through direct blood-to-blood exposures like sharing needles, or from HIV+ mothers to their babies. It is extremely rare for people to be infected with HIV by receiving oral sex. We are not seeing this happen in practice. So, from what you've told me, you are at a very low risk of getting HIV. 

We do not diagnose HIV based on symptoms like rash or headache - these are very common symptoms and can be caused by many different things. The only way to tell if a person has a HIV is to get an HIV test. For the tests we have in BC, the best time to test is 3 weeks to 3 months after you have had unprotected sex. If you are very worried, you may want to get a test now to re-assure yourself, and get another test at 3 months after a risk just so you can stop thinking about this risk. Again, if your only possible risk is receiving oral sex, we do not think that you could have gotten HIV, but a test will tell you for sure.

It is a good idea to seeyour doctor to find out what might be causing your symptoms. I would also suggest getting tested for other Sexually Transmittted Infections. Infections like syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea can be passed during oral sex, so it makes sense to get a test for these infections. You can look at our "STIs at a glance" chart to find out the best times to test for these infections - a test for all of them at 3 months after a risk is a good idea. If you are in BC, you can use our clinic finder app to find a place to get tested for HIV and STIs.

Let us know if that helps answer your question,

Health Nurse



This answer was posted on May 11, 2018

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flysuport says:


I know you're freaking out and googled everything about STDs and STIs you can catch from unprotected fellatio, maybe with an escort. Rest assured, it's almost impossible, really. I took the official statistics and computed the chances for each and every STI in many countries and all of them are close to 0%. So don't worry please. I felt like my penis was hurting and I would feel and SEE all the STI symptoms when I was worrying but then I realised I had absolutely nothing all the symptoms magically disappeared. So please stay calm. 

Health Nurse says:


It can always be good advice to be careful on what you find on google, but I could not disagree more with the previous comment in regard to STI not passing when having oral sex with someone who has a penis (fellatio).

It’s really common for us to see STI like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, Herpes and HPV being easily passed to the mouth/throat when performing oral sex on a penis or passing to your penis if someone is performing oral sex on you. I can say this with confidence based on what we see in our STI clinics and from research that has been conducted over the years.

Have a look out our chances chart for more info on STI passing with oral sex.

Health Nurse

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