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I plan to go for an STI screen however I am in the process of finishing a course of antibiotics for an unrelated diagnosis. For bacterial STIs (Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis) how long should I wait after completing my course of antibiotics to ensure a reliable test ?


We recommend waiting 4-6 weeks before doing any gonorrhea or chlamydia testing if clients are currently taking antibiotics or who have recently been on antibiotics.

If you are experience symptoms of an STI it would be good to come to the clinic straight away. Also come in straight away if one of your sexual partners has gonorrhea or chlamydia.

If you are concerned that gonorrhea or chlamydia could have been passed to you it is possible to come in and do a test and then repeat that test in 4-6 weeks if the first test was negative.

If you are just doing a regular STI check up with no specific concern it would be best to wait the 4-6 weeks before coming in for the most accurate result. 

Our syphilis test is a blood test and would not be affected by antibiotic use. This would be the same for the HIV and hepatitis blood tests as well.

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This answer was posted on June 25, 2015

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