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I recently saw a few (3) sex workers in the Dominican Republic. I had sexual contact with two last Thursday night/Friday morning and another one on Saturday night. They were all strippers that work for a well-managed strip club/brothel with clean rooms and condoms everywhere within those rooms. I received oral sex from all of them with a condom on and I had sex with all of them with a condom on and I fingered them as well. One of them also sucked on my scrotum. My scrotum was unprotected. Furthermore, I didn't go down on any of them, I didn't kiss any of them (except for one or two kisses on the cheek) and I didn't do anything beyond what I just described. I should also note that I saw each one individually and that my condoms were put on properly, with the exception of the third sex worker. With the third sex worker, the condom covered 75% to 80% of my shaft and I received the most vigorous oral sex from that particular sex worker too. In any case, despite the precautions I took, I'm still nervous about contracting something -- Herpes for example. What am I at risk at, based on my actions? And could I have done anything to protect myself more so than I did? Also, I booked an appointment to be tested by my family doctor next week -- specifically on Friday. That means that about two weeks will have gone by since the aforementioned incidences. Is next Friday too early for me to be tested? I also intend on booking a second test for the third week of March. Finally, this hobby obviously isn't for me. I'm quite paranoid/OCD when it comes to contracting diseases of any kind -- especially sexually transmitted ones. The six sex workers that I've seen (in total) have been amazing, but the potential for contracting a disease or many diseases is too high (for me) and always ruins the fun for me (after the fact). With that being said, I will be bowing out after I get tested. I value my health and well-being far too much and I'm very health conscious. By the way, I saw three sex workers in total before the Dominican. I also got tested and was (and hopefully still am) negative for everything. Today, I spent a lot of time outdoors (in Toronto) without wearing a hoodie or proper winter attire. It was quite cold and I think I'm coming down with a cold. I'm not sure if this is because of my lack of care in what I wore today, combined with the fact that I just came from a vacation in a warm climate or if it's due to the fact that I contracted something from any or all of the three sex workers I saw in the Dominican. Some of my best friends that have had protected and unprotected oral and vaginal sex with 50 to 100+ women in the developed world and in the third world and they have told me that I have nothing to worry about (based on my accounts of my recent experiences), but I would much rather speak to a professional. For the time being, I have constantly been checking my face, penis and crotch for signs of an STI. Thank you so much for your time and feedback.


It is great that you used condoms as they will reduce the chances of an STI being passed to you, but it is still possible that some STI like HPV, herpes and syphilis can be passed if they came in contact with some skin that was not covered by the condom.

With what you have written the only way you could have reduced your chances more is by having sex a different way. For example instead of having protected oral and vaginal sex you could receive a hand job.

It really depends on what level of risk you are comfortable with. We would say you are practicing safer sex by using condoms for vaginal and oral sex.

Have a look at our “Know your chances” web page, it provides information on your chances of getting or passing an STI depending on how you are having sex.

Testing after 2 weeks would pick up most cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia. It can take a bit longer for STI tested from the blood to show up e.g. syphilis, HIV etc… these usually would show up in a test by 6 weeks but can take up to 3 months for a final result. You could go for the test at 2 weeks and then do a follow up test at a later date to cover the window period.

Also have a look at our “STIs at a glance” chart, it provides information on what symptoms to look for and how long you need to wait before getting tested (window period).

It is normal for people to be worried when they develop flu like symptoms after they have a sexual encounter they are concerned about. Many people will think the worse. I usually remind people that flu like symptoms are common and can be caused by many different conditions like the common cold. Just treat it as a reminder you are concerned about what happened and it would be good to go for a test.

It sounds like you are also comfortable with what type of sex is ok for you. Everyone has a different level of risk tolerance and it can take a few experiences to work out what is ok for you. Like you said being worried after having sex can really take away from the enjoyment of sex.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on February 27, 2014

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