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I want to know the exact window period for HIV testing, because some website mention it is upto six months. Exactly how much it is. Are repid test conducted after 3 months are accurate.


The window period is the time between when a person comes in contact with HIV and when a HIV test would show a positive result.

The HIV window period really depends on the type of test that is used.

Currently in BC Canada we use a HIV antibody blood test that has a window period of up to 3 months but 95% of people would show a positive result by 6 weeks.

The rapid INSTI HIV test also has the same window period of 3 months.

Our old HIV antibody test we used to use a few years ago had a window period of 6 months but our current ones have a window period of 3 months. 

One problem with the internet is that some sites do not review their content on a regular basis or old information is still available. This information may have been accurate at one time, but is now out of date as medical technology has advanced.

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This answer was posted on October 24, 2013

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