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I was raped last year and never had sex before that. The day after it I had greenish secretions. The area was itchy, very red, and very obvious change in anatomy. Then the secretions turned yellowish. I would wake up to a lot of secretions from there and this was greyish and fluidy. I only went to the clinic a month later but they only found vaginosis and maybe yeast. I was treated for vaginosis. However the yellowish secretions kept coming back. I'm not sure what it is. The nurse I saw at 3 months said it might be yeast which is normal but it doesn't have the consistency of cottage cheese. I don't know what it is but it keeps reminding me of what happened to me. I got tested again two months ago but they didn't find anything. I don't think they tested everything though. Could it be trichomoniasis?

Thanks for writing in with your concerns. It is very normal for something like this to remind you of what happened. If you have not already been able to talk to someone anonymously and privately about being raped, then I can recommend WAVAW ( Women Against Violence Against Women) as a safe organization to talk to someone about what happened to you. In British Columbia they have a 24 hour phone line 1-877-392-7583 or if you are in Vancouver phone 604-255-6344. If you are able to go back to the clinic where you had your last testing, you can ask exactly what testing you did have done and if a test for trichomoniasis was done. Not all clinics are able to do this test. Sometimes a yellowish vaginal discharge is a variation of a normal vaginal discharge in the cycle and not an indicator of infection. 

This answer was posted on August 15, 2018

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