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I went to a massage parlor, where the lady got naked and gave me an erotic massage. Firstly she gave me a massage with her hands , then she used her whole body to rub against me. She kissed my face, neck and my body-though there was no french kiss, oral or penetrative sex. I have touched her vagina a bit and also the vagine might have rubber over my body including penis during massaging. The massage ended with she giving me a handjob. shes also sick and was coughing in between while massaging I forgot about the incident but last week I had fever and accompanied with body rashes which made me worried and convinced that Iam infected. The rashes are still there, I tested for HIV with duo combo and PCR. Mind you this is just 3rd week. I got my combo results negative, now I am awaiting PCR . Can I have your comments?


The activities you describe would not put you at risk for HIV. HIV is passed when blood and/or body fluids enter into your body through a vein or orifice. Since you describe no oral or penetrative sex, there is no risk for HIV.

Other STIs, such syphilis, herpes, and the human papilloma virus are easily passed through skin-to-skin contact.

It's difficult to say what's causing your symptoms, however it is unlikely to be an STI from the massage parlor encounter you describe (as rashes at 2-3 weeks are not consistent with syphilis, herpes, or HPV). Some things to think about: the rashes may be an allergic reaction to oils or products used at the massage parlor, or to perfumes worn by the masseuse. I would recommend going to see a family doctor or walk-in clinic regarding the rashes, especially if they are persisting.

The HIV PCR test is 90% accurate at 12 days, so you can feel pretty sure already that it's not HIV.

Hope this helps.

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This answer was posted on November 28, 2018

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