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If I tear my frenulum will it be any change on premature ejaculation????


There is some evidence that people who have a short frenulum could see improvements in premature ejaculation times if the frenulum is removed.

It seems with you there could be a change if you tear your frenulum. It probably depends on how much of the frenulum was damaged and if you had a short frenulum to begin with.

I am unsure of your particular situation for example did you tear your frenulum and notice a difference, are you concerned about premature ejaculation and wondering if removing the frenulum would help etc…

If you were a client at one of our STI clinics I would recommend that you speak to your family doctor about this and that they would probably refer you to an urologist (a specialist).

Premature ejaculation is a common concern for many people and there are a range of different causes and treatments. It’s important to see a health professional with experience in this area so that they can recommend a treatment that would work for you. Let us know if you need help finding a health professional in your area.

Let us know if this does not answer your question or if you have any more questions or concerns.

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on May 15, 2019
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