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If you had no systems ever and had oral sex then had sores two days later and was tested and the results were positive type one HSV. What would be the time frame of the contraction of HSV 1?


I am not sure if I understand the question you’re asking; let me know if I have misunderstood the question or if you require some additional information.

It sounds like you never had any symptoms of HSV in the past and then two days after having oral sex you developed HSV type 1, let me know if I got that wrong.

If you developed HSV type 1 on the genitals 2 days after receiving oral sex it’s possible it may have been passed from the sex 2 days previous. After HSV is passed to someone people can develop symptoms  after 2-21 days, the average for this is 6 days which means its more common for symptoms to show up sooner rather than later.

The difficult thing with HSV is that it is possible for people to have it passed to them and never develop symptoms that they notice until much later. At a later date a person could get symptoms that they notice and then get a swab test from the HSV sore that shows a positive result.  In this example the person may think that HSV was passed to them in the last 2-21 days but it could have been passed before this.

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This answer was posted on May 10, 2018

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