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If you have one partner and your partner has one partner, you guys have only had sex with each other and no one else, is it likely you will get STD's?


If neither of you has an STI, then an STI can't be passed on. Also, if neither of you have had any other partners in your life, then it is unlikely that you have an STI such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis or HIV.

The exception is when people get things in childhood such as cold sores (herpes) or Hepatitis B and HIV (which can be passed from a mother to child).  If a person has these infections from childhood, then they could pass them to a partner during sex.

There are different ways to have sex. You do not need to have vaginal or anal intercourse to get some STIs. Thing such as cold sores and genital warts can be passed through oral sex or genital to genital contact.

If you are concerned about STIs, you can always go to an STI clinic or your healthcare provider to talk about your concerns and to see if you need testing.

If you need help finding a place to get tested you can check out our Clinic Finder here.

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This answer was posted on December 21, 2012

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