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I'm an international student here in Victoria and recently tested positive for Chlamydia. I currently don't have my B.C Care card and am wondering in which clinic I can come into to receive treatment without the need for such care card, preferably at a low cost. Also, what materials if any do I need to bring with me to the clinic, i.e ID/test results. Thank you


Thanks for your question.

You should be able to get treatment for free (no cost). 

The Victoria Health Unit STI Clinic offers free STI treatment. Located on Cook St. (Quadra Village). See link for phone number and hours.

For youth ages 14-24 there is also the Victoria Youth Clinic offers free STI treatment. Located in downtown. See link for phone number and hours.

In terms of materials to bring... you don't need any ID or test results. You can just tell the clinic staff that you tested positive for chlamydia and need treatment. If you have ID it never hurts to bring it along, but it is not required.

Also, these STI clinics offer free STI testing (in case you had to pay for your testing before).

Please let us know if you need any more information.

Health Nurse


This answer was posted on June 18, 2018

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