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Info please... Hi there. I was wondering if you could provide me the clinics in Vancouver b.c. that tests you for HIV, herpes, and all sti's? Do you have to give your real information and provide photo I'd and stuff? And all test can be done through blood and urine now? No need to put something down the pee hole to test for an sti? Thanks for your help!


We can do that. You do not have to use personal information or an MSP card at most public health clinics. In Vancouver, some options are:

  • The STI Clinic at 655 West 12th Ave (604 707 5600, for an appointment)
  • Bute Clinic at 1170 Bute St (M - Fri, 11 - 6:30, drop in only)

Check out our clinic finder for more details about these, and other, clinics.

At these clinics, you have the several testing options. You can use your name, an alias or version of your name, or you can test anonymously using no personal information at all (you are given a number).

If you are having routine screening, we no longer put a swab in your pee hole. Sometimes we use a swab if you are having symptoms. But, do not let that stop you from coming for testing.
We do not do anything that you don't agree to.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on February 3, 2014

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