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It's been seen from images that in case of aids last stages the skin wears off from the palms and there is practically no barrier from an aids patient.What happens if a person shakes hands with that person.I believe I was in contact with such person.As it was dark I could not see the hands from inside.What is the risk involved in this case.Will an antibody test at 9 weeks clear me or will I have to wait for 12 weeks.Is this a Hiv exposure.


I have not heard of HIV passing this way and we would not consider this an exposure to HIV.

To have HIV pass to you there is a need to come in contact with a fluid that has HIV in it like blood in this situation. It needs to be visible blood. The HIV then needs to have a way of getting into your body. The thick skin on the hands offers good protection against HIV getting into the body.

HIV is found in semen, blood, breast milk, vaginal and anal fluids. Most people get HIV by having unprotected vaginal and anal sex or by sharing injection drug equipment.  HIV does not live for long outside the body and we find it is not spread by casual contact like shaking hands.

Have a look at our information page on HIV for more information.

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This answer was posted on May 29, 2014

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