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Just a question. If my gf is pregnant and wants to get an abortion. Where can we get the abortion pills without our parents knowing. Also how much would all the fees be. And what should we expect from everything from the process and side effects and is it safe for my Girlfriend?


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The abortion pill is free in BC if you have MSP  (BC CareCard). You and your girlfriend would need to contact an abortion clinic near you, and then you can ask to book an appointment for an abortion/ say you need to end your pregnancy. She does not need to get her parents permission for this, and her parents will not be contacted by the abortion clinic. Her visit to the clinic would be completed confidential, and not shared with family.

Abortions are safe. The side effects usually include bleeding and cramps.

There are 8 abortion clinics in BC (4 in Vancouver, 1 in Victoria, 1 in Kelowna, and 2 in the Kootenays). Check out this page: “Where Can I get an Abortion in BC?” for a list of these clinics and their contact information.

If you live in area that does not have a designated abortion clinic you can arrange to have an abortion at a hospital. This usually requires a referral to an abortion doctor (from your regular doctor). If you don’t have a regular doctor you can call the Pregnancy Options Line (1-800-875-3163) to obtain a referral. That number is also a great resource if you need more information about this process and they can help you set-up the hospital abortion.

It’s difficult to say what the exact process will be for you, as it can be different at different clinics. Generally, you will need to make an appointment to get the pills, then she can take the pills at home and be comfortable, then she will start to bleed (like a heavy period), and she might bleed for a couple weeks. Afterwards she will need a check-up to make sure it worked.

For more questions about the abortion pill check out this page: “Medical Abortion – Frequently Asked Questions”.

Please let us know if you need any more information.

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This answer was posted on April 19, 2018

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