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My hand get quite deep cut and was bleeding. This cut was dressed with plaster. After that I had contact with some guy. During our meeting the plaster slid down from the cut. Is there any risk when my bloody skin get contact with his penis after ejaculation or his bleeding scratch on the body? This contact was quite short (when I noticed it I take hand from him), but it leaves some blood stains on his skin. Could you let me know your comments, please?

Hi, and thanks for your question

From what you have described, there is no risk to either you or your partner from the above encounter. For blood-borne infections (like HIV or Hepatitis) to be passed from one person to another, it really requires entry of one person’s blood (who has the infection) directly into the body of the other person. We typically don’t get these infections simply by having blood contact on the surface of the skin.

Let us know if this does not answer your question or if you have any more questions or concerns.
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This answer was posted on October 10, 2019

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