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My partner and i both realized that i was having weird stuff going on down there, and we confirmed that as i was positive for chlamydia. i took the pills , but after 6 days i had protected sex and then unprotected sex and then he took the pills. should i go get retested ? it’s confusing so i thought i would ask. i’m not sure if i would have chlamydia again from it since i had already taken my pills and i think they stop it ??? i don’t understand the way it works too well. we both took the 4 pills at once, as i read on here that there was a different way


Thanks for your question.

There are two options for treating chlamydia: taking 4 pills at once, or taking daily pills for 1 week. Both are effective at treating chlamydia (as long as you avoid re-infection).

It’s important to abstain from sex for 7 days after taking your medication to avoid re-infection. It takes 7 days for medication to fully work and kill off the chlamydia bacteria. If you had sex 6 days after taking your meds, it is possible that you still had the chlamydia and passed it to your partner. We would recommend getting re-treated.

If your partner did not the pills until after your most recent unprotected sex, then that is another reason to get re-treated. If you had unprotected sex with your partner before your positive chalmydia test, it's very likely that they have chlamydia, and you can get it back from them if they’re not treated.

This can be confusing for a lot of people, so you’re not the only one! It’s really important that both you and your partner take the meds and abstain from sex for 7 days after. (If you can’t abstain from sex then make sure you use condoms for any penetration).

Hope this helps!

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Health Nurse

This answer was posted on June 13, 2018

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Anonymous says:

Hi ! If my Iga is negative but my igg is positive is it possible for me to pass chlamydia to my partner .

Health Nurse says:

hi, this does not sound like the type of chlamydia testing results we see in British Columbia. Please contact us again to clarify your situation. You may also want to use the chat service with the hours listed on the homepage. 

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