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My period hasn't come yet (it's late by a couple days) and I think I may be pregnant. I would want to get an abortion as I'm not able to take care of a child at this point in my life. What options do I have as a 17 year old and at this early in the pregnancy?

Hi there,

Having a missed period is always a bit scary. There are lot sof normal reasons for missing a period, for example: stress, irregular cycle. But it's always good to do a pregnancy test to be sure.

We would recommend getting a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are most accurate 2 weeks after a missed period - so make sure you don't test TOO EARLY or you can get a false negative.

You can get a pregnancy test at any walk-in clinic, youth clinic, or STI clinic. For clinics near you check out our Clinic Finder Tool.

You do not need your parent or gaurdian's permission to get a preganancy test.


If you are pregnant there are lots of options for getting an abortion. Abortions are safe, and in BC they are covered with MSP (BC Carecard). You do not need your parent or gaurdian's permission to get an abortion.

If you test pregnant and need an abortion we recommend contacting the Willow Women's Clinic in Vancouver, BC.

If tyou are outside of Vancouver please write to us again and we can help you find a provider near you.

Hope this helps,

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on April 11, 2018

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