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Please Help me. I request your kindly Answer my questions I’m male 31yrs I have only one time unprotected oral sex with unknown girl on 23rd jun2014 she kiss may penis average 10 minutes so, I blow her mouth. I did not know she have mouth ulcers or not. After I wash my penis with water. After oral sex 21days passed in 21st July to 6th Aug I have skin Rush itch in my arms, hands, stomach, neck, elbows and legs like a mosquitoes bites. Can you help me I’m so worries . I have headache also. But I was not use any medicine. I think I have HIV symptoms. on 9Aug2014 I have heat under my legs. So we did not have HIV rapid testing center in our state now I have mouth gem pain I think i get HIV from oral sex

I am sorry that you are so worried about HIV. The activities that you have described are not how we see HIV being passed so it is not likely the symptoms you are experiencing are related to HIV.

It is a good idea to see a health care provider to figure out what could be causing your rash. There are some STIs, like Syphilis, that can cause rashes and can be passed through oral sex but it is only through testing that you will know if your rash is caused by one of these.

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This answer was posted on August 18, 2014

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