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Recently i used a public toilet in international airport in Europe. I was sitting down when suddenly automatic flushing flushed the water and the tip of my penis dipped in toilet water. I am very concerned that i caught an STI that way. I am concerned because it was international airport where a lot of people use it. Thank you so much, me and my girlfriend are worried that i got something.

Hi, thanks for your question. We do not see people getting STI's from toilets, by sitting on them or through  contact with the water in the toilet bowl. STI's are sexually transmitted infections usually through genital skin contact with wet warm sexual fluids. Of course there are other bacteria that can be transmitted through contact with any toilet surface that many people have used. ( seats, flush handle, wash basins, door handles to name a few) Handwashing before and after can prevent this transmission. If you remain concerned or have developed any symptoms, please see your doctor for assessment. 

This answer was posted on September 18, 2019

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