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sir /madam , once again I need your help . As i mentioned earlier ( at 42 hrs pcr hiv-1 , at 28 days 4th generation p24 ag/ab test ,at 6 weeks combnaids ,at 8 weeks elisa , at 10 weeks tridot, at 12 weeks combaids test , at 13 weeks tridot test , at 13 weeks pcr hiv- 1 dna all were negative . As i have mentioned earlier about symptoms some of the symptoms had gone , but the sore throat and swollen lymph nodes through out the body (very larger in size and pain ful )(that are at groin,arm pits,chest,stomach,back , hip, neck,legs, arms every where of the body where the lymph nodes are presnt) are persistent . The lymph nodes swelling and pain has been increasing and ecreasing but are persistent . If my swollen lymph nodes and other symptoms are due to hiv my test results would have been flagged positive, right ?. All are saying 3 months or 12 weeks test is conclusive . I tested not only for antibodies but also for actual virus and core protienis of the virus (p24). some websites say swollen lymph nodes are the earliest sighns of hiv. somebody say don’t diagnose hiv with symptoms but with tests . what is correctin these ? In other case am i infected with undiscovered strains of hiv ? That is why my tests coundnt to find my Infection ? I consulted an std specialist in a hospital he was saying very stupidly the swollen lymph nodes are may be due to changes in the body in as a part of as i am a grown up man . whoom to trust , most of the doctors are stupids and terrifying . I could not to feel free my self . your answer is very important to me . my tension and anxiety has been increasing day by day . - please help me , Thanx in advance.


Yes you are correct in that if your symptoms were caused by HIV your HIV test would show a positive result especially since you have done the antibody tests and the HIV PCR test as well. If HIV was affecting your body like this your HIV viral load would be very large and the HIV PCR would pick this up. All your tests have shown you that you do not have HIV. The only way to check for HIV is with a HIV test

Having a sore throat and enlarged lymph nodes are general symptoms that can be caused by many different conditions.

I am also wondering with all the things that can cause sore throats and enlarged lymph nodes why are you still worried that it is caused by HIV when all your tests say you do not have HIV?

It is common for us to have people in this situation at the clinic. It’s like they do not believe the result. What we have found is that sometimes people’s worry can be often related to strong feelings of guilt or shame. Sometimes dealing with these strong feelings can help people with their worry about HIV

Have a look at our worry and anxiety page it has some good information on what to do when feeling worried.

It is also possible that you could see another health care provider for a second opinion about your symptoms. I just don’t think another HIV test would be helpful.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on November 27, 2014

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