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Sorry for 1 more question. Have u guys ever seen/heard of having getting hep b performing oral sex man to man and seen/heard of turning 6 weeks negative result of hiv, hep a b c, gonnorhea, chalmidiya and sphylisis in 12 weeks. Your earlier answer really helped me on my amxiety. Thanks a lot in advance. You guys are simply the great.


It is possible for hepatitis B to be passed when having oral sex but the chance is much smaller when compared to unprotected anal or vaginal sex. Using condoms would reduce the chance of hepatitis B passing and the hepatitis B vaccine offers great protection.

Have a look at our hepatitis B page for more information

I would always recommend talking with the people who are ordering the test for you, as they can give the best information on how long you need to wait for the most accurate test results.

Have a look at our “STIs at a glance” chart, it provides information on how long you need to wait before getting tested (window period) for the best accuracy.

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This answer was posted on November 5, 2014

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