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What are the chances of catching an STI from receiving oral sex? What types of STIs can you catch from receiving oral sex?

Thank you for your questions. The answer will depend on a few things: First, if you are a man or woman receiving oral, second, if you are using any protection during oral sex and third, what kind of oral sex you are having.

We have developed a Know your chances chart that breaks it all down for you. Please check out our Oral Sex Chart and leave a comment if you need more information, clarification or have more questions.

As with all sexual activity, if you are receiving oral sex, consider testing regularly for STIs. Our Find a clinic feature will help you locate a clinic in your area.

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on August 25, 2016

Community comments

Beekay says:

Is receiving blowjob with intact penis skin lead to HIV transmission?

Beekay says:

Does touching vagina and hand job lead to HIV?

Health Nurse says:

Hi, we don’t see HIV being passed when receiving a blow job or touching the vagina, but there are some other STI that can be passed in these situations, have a look at our chances web page for more information,

ddank says:


I have checked out the chart, particularly the oral sex portion. It says oral sex (mouth on penis), does this include the male receiving oral sex, or just the individual giving oral sex? Or is Gonorrhoea, HPV, Herpes, Syphilis and Chlamydia easily passed whether are you giving or receiving?

Thank you in advance

Health Nurse says:

The person most at risk for sti's with oral sex is the person who is giving oral sex because of larger surface area exposed ( mouth, tongue, throat) compared to open tip of the penis ( opening of the urethra) 

ddank says:

Thank you for your prompt answer.

One last thing, if you were to contract an STI like Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia in your mouth or throat, would a urine test pick up the STI or would you need to do a throat swab? And if there is an STI in your throat, can it be passed through kissing your partner?

Thank you in advance

Health Nurse says:

Hello again. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are site specific so what ever part of your body you are using for sex is where those sti's can be. so a urine test will pick up these sti's in the penis, a throat swab will pick them up in the throat and a rectal swab would pick them up in the rectum if  having receptive anal sex. Kissing is not considered a way for chlamydia or gonorrhea to be passed mouth to mouth.

average_teen says:

does everyone that is giving oral sex to the penis get an STI if not what are the chances

Health Nurse says:

The person you are performing oral sex on would need to have an STI in the first place before there is any chance of it passing to you. If the person does not have an STI none will develop because you are having oral sex. It’s common for people to have STI with no symptoms so much of the time people don’t know they have anything. Even if someone does not have symptoms a STI test would still show if someone had an STI.

Even if someone has an STI it is never 100% that it will pass the first time you perform oral sex on them, it’s difficult to give exact percentages with chances as there is usually many different factors going on and even each STI is different for example really low risk of HIV passing this way but something like syphilis can be easily passed.

To reduce the chance of an STI passing people can use condoms when having oral sex and also testing regularly for both people can reduce the chance of someone having something without knowing.

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