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HIV & PrEP Information for Clinicians

Find everything you need for prescribing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in BC, and to support your clients to access and continue on PrEP.

HIV PrEP Overview for Clinicians

What is PrEP PrEP stands for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis. It is the use of daily (or on demand) oral antiretroviral therapy (ART) by HIV negative individuals to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV. PrEP refers to ongoing use of ART before and after potential exposure to HIV. This is different from post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), where a…

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HIV PrEP Resources for Clinicians

The following are some key resources for prescribing PrEP and supporting clients in accessing and continuing on PrEP. These resources have been developed specifically for the British Columbia PrEP program, but may be adapted for a different province with permission.  Please email SmartSexResource@bccdc.ca to inquire further.

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HIV PrEP – Handout for Health Care Providers

A 4-page handout offering detailed information about HIV PrEP for health care providers that prescribe or wish to start prescribing PrEP.

HIV PrEP Prescriber Notification Letter

A notification letter that can be provided to clients that are eligible for HIV PrEP to present to a physician or nurse practitioner where there may not be a prescriber directly on site during an initial sexual health history and assessment.

HIV Incidence Risk Index for MSM (HIRI-MSM)

What is this tool? The HIV Incidence Risk Index for men who have sex with men (HIRI-MSM) tool is a clinical scoring tool that can help identify men who have sex with men  who may have a higher chance of getting HIV. The HIRI-MSM clinical scoring calculator is one tool used in British Columbia to…

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Laboratory Results Suggestive of Acute HIV

To assist clinicians with the interpretation of HIV results when BCCDC Public Health Laboratory (BCPHL) staff notify them of probable acute HIV cases

False Positive HIV Laboratory Test Results

To assist clinicians with the interpretation of HIV results when BCCDC Public Health Laboratory (BCPHL) reports results as potential false positive.

Accessing PrEP Toolkit (CBRC)

This toolkit developed by the Community-Based Research Centre was made by and for queer guys to give us the tools to effectively self-advocate for PrEP and our own sexual health. Here you will find information about PrEP and resources to help guide a conversation between you and a doctor. Navigating the healthcare system can be…

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