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Toolkits & Guides

Expanded resources with detailed, accessible, and non-judgmental information on common concerns and topics such as PrEP, HPV, genital warts, herpes and more. Available in various languages.

Accessing PrEP Toolkit (CBRC)

This toolkit developed by the Community-Based Research Centre was made by and for queer guys to give us the tools to effectively self-advocate for PrEP and our own sexual health. Here you will find information about PrEP and resources to help guide a conversation between you and a doctor. Navigating the healthcare system can be…

Get your STI results online in Health Gateway

Health Gateway provides safe and easy access to your BC health records all in one place. You can use it to see your medication history, immunization records, health visits and lab test results, including for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This handout includes step-by-step information on: 

Herpes: A Patient’s Guide

This 25-page colour booklet talks about herpes symptoms, transmission, testing and treatment. It also offers information and support for people getting a new diagnosis of herpes and discusses dating when you have herpes. Also included are online and phone-based herpes supports as well as counselling resources in British Columbia. Produced by Clinical Prevention Services at…

Herpes: Patient Handout

This 4-page colour booklet summarizes information on herpes symptoms, transmission, testing, and treatment. It also includes support for people getting a new herpes diagnosis.  Produced by Clinical Prevention Services at the British Columbia (BC) Centre for Disease Control.

HIV PrEP – Frequently Asked Questions (English)

Answers to questions that are commonly asked by people taking HIV PrEP or thinking about starting PrEP (English version).

HPV: A Patient’s Guide

This 11-page colour booklet summarizes information on the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), including types of HPV, prevention, screening and treatment.  This guide also contains FAQs that are commonly asked by patients in our clinics and a list of resources for more information about HPV.  Produced by Clinical Prevention Services at the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Sexual Health-Related Anxiety: What is it? What can I do?

It’s common to worry about your sexual health from time-to-time, but if worry or anxiety is impacting your well-being it may be helpful to explore new ways of coping. This resource provides information about sexual health-related anxiety, and explores strategies that may help to manage anxiety.

Tips for a Healthy Vagina

Every person is different. Learn what is normal for you. Tips for a Healthy Vagina. This handout what developed by Vancouver Coastal Health.

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