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Knowledge is Power, and it Starts with Our Leaders

In 2011 the Chee Mamuk Aboriginal Program, in partnership with the Northern BC First Nations HIV/AIDS Coalition, hosted two leadership Forums for Chief and council members of BC’s North. 

The goal of the forums was to help participants gain the knowledge, skills and resources they need to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis and create supportive communities and networks for people living with HIV.

Participants received up-to-date facts on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, learned more about their impact on Aboriginal communities, shared teachings, participated in group discussions and took part in cultural activities. At each of the forums the chief and council members shared their thoughts on the importance of raising awareness of HIV in their home communities, and were professionally photographed. These photos and quotes were correlated into two booklets called “Leading the Way”.   As well, the Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDs who attended the forums and shared their personal stories, were also professionally photographed. A poster campaign has been created using those photographs.

For further information about the Northern BC First Nations HIV/AIDS Coalition phone: 1 800 889 6855

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