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Upcoming Workshop: Transgenderism and Gender Identity Diversity for Mental Health Practitioners

This workshop is presented by Gender Diversity Consultant, Lukas Walther.  It is intended for all mental health practitioners interested in working with this extraordinarily diverse and complex population, and in developing confidence and competency to assist someone during and after gender transition.

This is not a tutorial on clinical diagnosis and assessment; its purpose is to provide a sound foundational grasp of transgender and transsexual issues, with central focus on the various roles of the mental health practitioner during each stage of gender identity exploration, from initial discovery up to and including full social and medical transition, and beyond.

After an overview on terminology, origins research, BC’s clinical protocols for adults, youth and children, and current funding, we will concentrate on the range of psycho/social issues involved, and the therapeutic elements that accompany a successful gender transition. We will also discuss barriers to accessing care and ways to reduce them in our practice, and other resources for further and ongoing professional development.

This workshop will significantly increase your ability to sustain someone embarking on a gender transition, with all its inherent challenges, risks and revelations, and to assist their loved ones as well.

When: Saturday, February 23, 2013 from 10 AM to 5 PM
Where: Swingle Clinic, 630-1190 Melville Street, Vancouver, BC

For more information and registration, please email rita(at)swingleclinic.com.

Lukas Walther is a gender diversity specialist based in British Columbia. Mr. Walther is a founding director of BC FTM Network and past president of Trans Alliance Society. He assisted Vancouver Coastal Health in creating BC’s Transgender Health Program in 2002, serving as its Coordinator until recently moving into private practice. He is an active member of World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

This is not a BC Centre for Disease Control workshop.