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New Hepatitis C Resources for Providers and Clients!

New hepatitis C resources are available in British Columbia for both health care providers and patients. Designed to improve service delivery and to encourage engagement in care for those affected by hepatitis C, resource topics include basic information about hepatitis C, hepatitis C testing and preparing for treatment.

People may not be getting the information, care, and support they need to prevent complications and live well with hepatitis C. The Attendance for Hepatitis C Care Project team, led by Dr. Gail Butt, held interviews, discussions and meetings with health care service providers and those affected by hepatitis C to understand why people with hepatitis C either seek, delay, interrupt or do not seek hepatitis care.

The project involved a national network of those affected (n=77) and providers (n=155) who explored the reasons for non-attendance for hepatitis C care. The findings led to the development of resources to improve service delivery and encourage engagement with care.

The hepatitis C resources for patients and providers include the following print resources:

Other resources include:

  • A 5-minute companion video for the Frequently Asked Questions booklet
  • An 11-minute companion video for the Getting Ready for Treatment booklet
  • Unmet Needs: A 31-minute documentary-style video based on interviews people affected by hepatitis C and health and social care providers that highlight the factors that affect attendance for care identified in the project.

These Hepatitis C resources are available to view and order on the BCCDC website.

This project was supported by the BC Centre for Disease Control and the University of British Columbia, and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. BCCDC’s Hepatitis division coordinates viral hepatitis prevention and treatment in BC through the integration of public health and care systems, comprehensive health promotion, and prevention and care of at-risk individuals and vulnerable populations.

Further information

Contact Liza McGuinness, Project Manager, toll free at 1-866-660-1676 and in Vancouver at 604-707-2433.