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Free HPV vaccine program expanded to females born before 1994

The one-time free Cervarix HPV vaccine program for young women has recently been expanded. Females 26 years of age and younger and born before 1994 can now get the HPV vaccine for free. This program will continue until the vaccine expires in August 2015, or until all of the available vaccine is used.

The vaccine is given as a series of three doses over a period of six months. As there is a limited supply of vaccine, the vaccine is being offered on a first come first serve basis. Currently, there is enough vaccine for everyone who has already started the series to receive all three doses. When the free vaccine is no longer available, subsequent doses can be purchased.

For all women within the eligible age range, the Cervarix vaccine is available from pharmacists, physicians, some sexual health clinics, youth clinics, post-secondary student health centers and public health units. Eligible young women presenting at your clinic should be offered this vaccine, unless they have contraindications or have already completed the series of HPV vaccinations.

For more information about this one-time program and for online resources, please visit the health professionals section of ImmunizeBC. You can also refer your clients to dontgetcancer.ca for more information on HPV and vaccinations.