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New sexual health resources to share with clients

On SmartSexResource – Tips for parents on talking to kids about sex

Jennifer Gibson, Community Education Services Coordinator with Island Sexual Health, has shared her top 10 tips for parents on how to talk about sex and sexual health with their children.

On SmartSexResource, these tips have been translated into an A-Z Topic (Talking to kids about sex) and are also available in PDF format for downloading and sharing with your clients (located in the For Parents section under Resources).

Island Sexual Health has also provided a recommended sexual health web resources list and reading list for parents, teens and families. These are also available for download and sharing, and are located in the For Parents section under Resources.

On SmartSexResource – STI topic pages are now printable!

We heard from a number of health providers that they would like the ability to print a copy of the different STI topic pages on SmartSexResource to share with their clients.

Good news! Each STI page is now available in PDF format, and can be easily downloaded and printed. These information sheets are available in the Client Handouts section under Resources and at the bottom of each specific STI topic page (under Related Resources).

On YouTube – “Know your birth control rights” video

UBC Pharmacy faculty member Dr. Judith Soon and Pharmacy students recently created a public service announcement called “Know Your Birth Control Rights.” The youth-friendly YouTube video highlights that everyone has a right to confidential, timely, convenient and informed access to hormonal and emergency contraception. In a humorous way, the video dispels myths and misinformation about birth control and empowers individuals to better navigate the health care system.

The concept for the video arose out of recent ethnographic research among BC youth that was conducted to better understand the gender, place and cultural barriers that young people may face when accessing and using contraception. After extensive pilot testing, “Know your birth control rights” was launched on YouTube and has since been promoted to university student programs, high school counselors, public health / youth clinics and health professionals in BC.

Check out the video and share with your clients!


For additional resources, visit the UBC Youth Sexual Health Team website.